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Ruff Puppy Resources
Helpful documents for Puppy Training, available for you to download, print and keep.

(Please don't share them without giving me credit!)

Toilet Training Chart

A quick and easy to use chart to help with your puppy toilet training.

Daily Puppy Planner
Record your puppies daily movements to stay on top of what they need next.

Puppy Schedule
A weekly schedule to help you plan and record training and exercise. 

Puppy Proofing Checklist
Get your house prepared for tiny paws, mouths and noses.

Puppy Socialisation Checklist
Ensure your new puppy is well socialised in all of life's occurrences. 

3 is the Magic Number

How long should greetings last?
How long should puppy training last?

How do Dogs and Puppies Learn?

How do dogs learn and how to maximise your training needs.

Stess Free Vet Visits

Make sure your vet visits get off to a perfect start.

Other Helpful Puppy Resources:

Join the Behaviour Collective on Facebook, a free group for training advice, tips, and to share your experiences. The group is run by experienced trainers, all are welcome.


Before You Get Your Puppy e-book

by Dr. Ian Dunbar

After You Get Your Puppy e-book

by Dr. Ian Dunbar

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