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Puppy Pre-School

Starting your puppy’s education as early as possible.


The crucial developmental phase of your puppy closes at around 12 weeks but most puppies wait until after their first vaccinations to start classes. This can lead to developing behavioural problems early on in their life.

Learn the basic skills to ensure you start your puppy learning the right way from day 1 of its life with you. Puppy Pre-School will help with your home set up, advice on toilet training, puppy biting and establishing a good routine, as well as other early puppy advice to help prevent problems and form good habits. 

Puppy Pre-School sessions are great even before you've picked up your new puppy however they will also be helpful if you are waiting for classes to start and need help sooner.

1 Hour Appointment

£50 per puppy


Enquire for availability.

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