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Scentwork Games
Something a little bit different for you & your dog. 


Scentwork is a popular activity for dogs and their handlers - allowing a dog to search and detect odours/items.


The 'Scentwork Games', are group workshops to allow owners to experience Scentwork in a fun, pressure-off environment - to see whether Scentwork training is something you enjoy. (The dogs always enjoy it, there's no doubt about that!) The dogs will search for food during these workshops. 

These monthly groups are designed to take the pressure off the existing 8 week intensive Scentwork course. These nose workshops will be designed to have a little more fun and go back to foundation basics of scenting. Ideal for people who aren’t sure what Scentwork is and would like a gentle way in, alongside people who just want to give their dog something amazingly fun to do.

So, who’s an ideal candidate?

Younger dogs

Older dogs

Nosy dogs

Sniffer dogs

Busy dogs

Over excited dogs

Nervous dogs (enquire first to double check)

‘Naughty’ dogs

Any breed

…essentially ALL dogs are welcome.

Group environments are well managed & prepared for dogs who require space/support.

The Scentwork Games are hosted outside therefore are weather dependent. 

If the weather cancels a class, the date will be postponed.

Alternative days/times will be added during the warmer months.

Please note: The more intense Scentwork classes are pending dates for 2024.

Please head back to the Scentwork page to register your interest on the form.


Booking Information:

Class name: Scentwork Games Workshop

Date: Thursday 13th June & Thursday 11th July 2024

Time: 6:15pm on 13th June & 6:00pm on 11th July (1 hour class)

Location: Collis Lane NR29 4DR (Training field)

Cost: £15 per workshop

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