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Adult Dog Resources
Helpful documents for Dog Training and caring for your elderly dog, available for you to download, print and keep.

How do Dogs and Puppies Learn?

How do dogs learn and how to maximise your training needs.

Stess Free Vet Visits

Make sure your dogs vet visits get off to a perfect start.

Banish the Bowl

Get the best out of your dog training by using their meals as an aid.

How to Choose Dog Food

Make sure you are well informed about what diet you feed your dog.

Using Food for Training

Learn why it's important to reward your dog while training.

Teaching Watch Me

"Watch Me" can be a very useful tool in many different scenarios.

What to do when your Dog Misbehaves

Help change unwanted experiences into positive ones.

Other Helpful Dog Training Resources:

Join the Behaviour Collective on Facebook, a free group where I post training advice & tips. Share your experiences here. The group is run by 5 experienced trainers/behaviourists, all are welcome.


10 Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew Chirag Patel gives a presentation on 10 things he believes our dogs wished we knew at an event organised by the BCSPCA in Vancouver, Canada. Click Here

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