Ideal for dogs of any age!

What is Freework?

It's a way to give your dog an opportunity to reset, or have a pleasurable experience.

Dog trainers and behaviourists use it to slow dogs down, to observe movement, to assess what the dogs find easy or difficult.

It can also be used to introduce novel and new items in a positive way.

I personally use it in my grooming salon to assess new dogs ability to cope in the environment, with me and the equipment, but also to give them a first positive experience.


 What Can Be Achieved in a Freework Session?

*Improve your observational dog body language skills

*Grow your dog's confidence level

*Provide mental & physical stimulation

*Encourage independence, especially if of an anxious nature

*Slows down dogs that eat fast

*Help to assess what motivates your dog

*Expend your dog's energy, good for highly aroused dogs

*Allow calm behaviours to surface

Freework Session Information:
Freework sessions are always outside in an enclosed paddock.

Due to covid-19 restrictions sessions are unable to go ahead.

Location: West Somerton, NR29 4DR

Freework sessions will hopefully resume in 2021.

Please get in touch for waiting list information.

Price: £35 for an hour's session

(Payable in advance)

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