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Puppy Play Sessions

Our Puppy Play Sessions offer safe and educational socialization opportunities for your furry friend. Join us for off-lead playtime, meet other puppy owners, and watch your pup's confidence soar in a fun, new environment. Scroll down for FAQ's.


How often do these sessions run? Once a month on a Saturday or Sunday.

My puppy is over 4 months, can we still attend? Please get in touch with Holley to discuss.

My puppy is nervous of other puppies, will these sessions help? If your puppy is nervous, please chat to Holley prior to booking so I can set up the environment to help before arrival. 

Is your field safe for my puppy to be off-lead? Yes. Extra care will be taken for very small dogs around fence/gates.

Can I bring my family along? Yes. If you are bringing a child under 16 with you, where possible please try to bring another adult to supervise this child so that you are able to concentrate on your puppy.

How long are the sessions? 30 minutes.

Is there parking? Yes.

Where are the sessions held? Ruff Dog Training Field, Collis Lane, Somerton, NR29 4DR

Have a different question? Just get in touch or book now:

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