Fun Agility

Give your dog something fun to learn!

Why agility? It keeps the mind engaged and provides an energy outlet!

Don't worry, we're not a competitive group making you run as fast as you can!

The class focuses on teaching your dog a new skill at their own pace and you can go as slow or as fast as you like. We're all about having fun and socialising.

For dogs under 1 year old, care will be taken around the equipment and I will encourage young dogs to get used to being around the equipment and responding to cues in the paddock as opposed to jumping around and potentially risking damage to growing ligaments. Young puppies are welcome to come and watch in preparation!

* Increases mental enrichment for dogs of all breeds and ages.

* Improves your dog’s confidence and self-control.

* Builds on the connection between you and your dog.

* Builds trust with a newly acquired rescue dog.

* Builds resilience and optimism in your dog.

* Builds a strong relationship between handler and dog.

* Lowers risk of behaviour issues by using your dog’s brain.

* Suitable for all dogs, including sensitive or anxious dogs.

This class is not suitable for reactive dogs. Please get in touch to discuss your dog's behaviour if you are unsure.

Class Information:
No classes until 2022

Location: Somerton Hall, West Somerton, NR29 4DR

(In an outdoor, enclosed paddock - no spectators, please only turn up if you are booked into a class)

Price: £10 per dog