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Puppy Confidence

& Focus


Would you like your puppy to be more confident and focused on you?  

Holley at Ruff can help you with the following:

  • Help you build the foundations to a solid, reliable recall

  • Enjoy comfortable, relaxed lead walking

  • Learn how to Sit, Stay, meet and greet nicely, without jumping

  • Build self confidence whilst out on walks​

  • Increase your puppy's confidence around moving vehicles

  • Introduce & maintain relationship building skills whilst out and about

The Puppy Confidence and Focus Training is on a individual 1-2-1 basis, giving you a 100% of the trainer’s time. 


Why do I need this training for my puppy?

It’s only natural when we bring our new puppy home for the first time that our maternal/paternal instincts start to kick in and we might shield our new addition from any fright or challenge that might stress them.  However we are not doing the puppy any favours by wrapping them in cotton wool.  It's clear you wouldn't allow your puppy to be frightened or put in a position where he could injure himself but in order for your puppy to gain self confidence, we have to experiment with giving them things to do that help to generalize their confidence and focus skills in the real world.

Through providing this type of training, you not only increase your puppy’s self confidence but you also build the trust between you and your puppy.  After all, the stronger the bond, the easier it is to train.  The easier it is to train the more you will do it and the happier you and your dog will be. 

1 Hour Appointment

£50 per session


Enquire for availability.

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