Lucy & Ollie

My puppy Ollie and I had a 1-2-1 session with Holley this morning. The session was great! I learnt so much information and great tips too. The information taught by Holley will stay with us and will really help in the crucial weeks to come. Holley gave me reassurance, fab advice and worked wonders on Ollie who was on his best behaviour too. Holley was relaxed and really helpful. We are looking forward to puppy classes ASAP. Thank you Holley


Angela & Teddy

As a first time dog owner I was doing the best I could, but I was struggling with my 9 month old dog. Biting issues, ignoring me, running away and heading straight for other dogs, scraping his teeth down my patio door (think of nails scraping down a chalkboard!) - plus I felt that I was failing him as a good owner, I knew it was down to me to help him. Holley has been absolutely brilliant. No question has been too daft, she has explained so much about natural dog behaviour that I was unaware of, gave me advice, suggestions and demonstrated the solutions that would work. She also provides plenty of reading material (all great interactive stuff!), loads of resources that we could tap into between our sessions as well as drawing on her own extensive experience as an owner and trainer. I'm seeing so much progress, and I'm definitely not the stressed owner I was before, and my Teddy isn't the wound up dog that he was - we both feel a whole lot better.
I absolutely recommend Holley, and her training, without hesitation.


Chloe & Tiggy

Just finished the 6 week Puppy Life Skills class at Ruff Training and Welfare. Holley was incredibly knowledgeable - arming us with so many tips and tricks to help us with our puppies now and as they mature in the future. With positive reinforcement, Holley showed us how to train our pups - her way with dogs is incredible. The small group size not only helped to achieve a relaxed and friendly atmosphere but also allowed Holley to give the puppies 1-2-1 attention and cater for the differing obedience levels.
Thank you Holley for sharing your wisdom, Tiggy loved the classes.


Katie Leech

We had a few issues with our little cockerpoo puppy Nellie, predominantly barking at our poor cat Sassy, stealing anything she can get her paws on, attacking my slippers, pulling on the lead or refusing to walk etc. I got in touch with Holley and she came over for a one to one session with us, during that time Holley taught us several techniques to manage the problems we were having and sent me lots of follow up information and advice via email too. The methods we are now using mean my cat and dog can actually be in the same room together which is something I never thought would happen! Holley also came on a walk with me and helped me to read Nellies body language to understand why she behaves like she does and it seems it’s often because she is simply scared of the noisy fast traffic around Hemsby We are working well now on the walks and they are a lot more enjoyable for us both. Holley also kindly lent me some harnesses to try out which were fantastic. Holley is a superb Dog trainer, she is so knowledgable and passionate and I would not hesitate to recommend her. Thank you Holley Katie & Nellie Xx


Julie Reader

I can’t recommend Holley highly enough. When asking Holley if she could look after Jack we had a ‘sniff and greet’ to make sure Jack would settle in and play nicely with her dogs. Leading up to Jack’s stay, Holley sent me a form asking in depth questions about what he likes, what he dislikes, when he eats, what he eats etc etc. On the day of his stay, we had a very thorough handover, whilst Jack went off playing. Holley totally understood my anxiousness about leaving Jack. During his stay, he became one of the family, and Holley sent regular updates and little videos of things he got up to. Holley worked with Jack on things we had been working on ie scent training, agility and off lead work. He had an absolutely amazing time. Holley gave me lots of advice and was more than happy to answer all my questions. Jack can’t wait to stay again.


Jack Atkinson

We’ve had Holley over twice so far to help us with general training for our 8 month old Vizsla. Her home visits are absolutely brilliant. The follow up emails are packed full of brilliant information for us to work through it’s like having Holley here with us. It’s easy to see how passionate she is about her job and helping people get the best from the dogs.


Liz Playford

Holly really helped me with my spaniel pup’s confidence, lots of ideas that really made a difference, thank you.


Hannah Marie

Holley is such a lovely lady, fantastic with the dogs and accommodating in training. She is always open to a quick message for support or advice. I would recommend the puppy training classes. The only negative is that Holley is so popular she’s fully booked for doggy sleep overs!!!


Laura Bird

Holley definitely speaks dog! And can translate for those of us who are still learning to do so. I attended Ruff dog training puppy classes and both the puppy and I had a great time & learned lots. We are looking forward to our next course with Holley & I would highly recommend her for all your doggy training needs.


Lauren Barnard

Has really helped with our boxer pup, fabulous methods and has been a fun experience, will look forward to doing our follow on classes.


Jess Hilton

Just completed a 6 week puppy training class with Holley. She is really knowledgeable and provides great advice, recommendations and support to train your puppy in the best way. Nova has definitely improved following the classes. Would 100% recommend anyone with a new puppy to attend.


Rachel MacSweeney

Our retriever Digby had a fantastic time staying with Holley whilst we were away in America, and to be honest I think he was disappointed when we collected him! Holley kept us updated with pictures and videos so we knew he was having a great time. He's already looking forward to his next visit!


Christine & Keith

Holley is very caring and knowledgeable, and spends a lot of time getting to know the dogs that stay with her, finding out their individual needs. Our two Greek rescues really enjoy spending time with Holley and I thoroughly recommend her.


Lisa Brown

Absolutely 100% recommend Holley. We first met Holley when we joined her puppy classes with our lovely Freddie. Freddie had a 6 week course that has started him off with necessities to have a great relationship with us and with himself, teaching him the skills to being the best behaved dog.

After Freddie’s first session we had Holley visit our home as we have 2 other dogs that we wanted to be assessed to see how we could have a happy home with 3 dogs. Her advice was second to none and with a little work on all our behalf’s has made the home a more settled place. Her advice on recall was the best and we have dogs now that have excellent recall off the lead.

Would highly recommend and since finishing puppy classes have consulted Holley on numerous times and she always replies and nothing is to much trouble.


Lisa Thompson

Fred had a fabulous time staying with Holley. It was lovely to be able to go to Norwich for the day knowing he was safe and not left on his own for the day. I even got an update from Holley on what Fred had been doing so far with his day. Holley obviously loves looking after dogs and I would certainly recommend Ruff Training & Welfare.


Jill Jex

Just had a 2 hour puppy visit with Holley and learned so much about puppy training that i wanted her to move in for a week with me! Amazing advice - I will definitely be booking another visit for future advice.


Lily & George

Would recommend Holley to anyone. We had a lovely holiday, mainly because we could fully relax in the knowledge that Delilah was happy and well looked after. Holley went above our expectations. Caring for Delilah’s specific needs and even making suggestions and putting them into practice for Delilah’s skin. Holley always takes the time to answer questions and give us information. Particularly on dog behaviour, which is something we have been trying to work on with Delilah. Delilah is a really important part of our family and we were nervous about leaving her. But now having left her with Holley we will definitely be doing the same again in the future. We really felt like Delilah went on holiday too. Thank you Holley.


Kay Rose

Luna our Cocker Spaniel has been on her first holiday to stay with Holley, and I couldn’t praise Holley enough. Luna got her undivided attention whilst staying with her - she has not had the easiest of times in the last few months, but Holley was fully briefed and well prepared to provide Luna with a safe and playful environment. We received regular updates, videos and photos throughout the day which allowed us to enjoy our night away. I would happily recommend Holley to anybody wanting a place for their dog to stay with a personal touch and not a kennel - living in a home from home. 5 star service - thank you


Chris Plummer

Holley was brilliant with Acer when doing our puppy classes. We learned a lot of useful information and techniques that we now use every day! Would recommend.


Fiona Sexton

The best thing about the advice that Holley gave us was that it was completely focused on making Mungo’s life better, not just training him to do stuff. Her holistic approach means that she is looking at all aspects of the dog including diet, exercise and personality. Mungo is a happier dog which means I’m a happier human. Perfect!


Sarah Neve

Great advice. Great teaching methods. Lovely person. Definitely recommended. Your class was instrumental in Dala’s start to becoming a well rounded dog and me learning to be a good owner/trainer.


Sharon & Paul

We have learnt so much from attendance of Holley's training classes and it has been so much fun. Pip and ourselves have benefited so much. Thanks to Holley. Her experience and professionalism is a credit to her.


David & Elaine

Our dog Archie has had many stays with Holley, he is a very needy dog so we new a home environment would be so much better than a normal kennel, with her wealth of doggie knowledge she made Archie feel at home, she kept us up to date with photos of what he was up to which made it easier for us to be away. On his second stay he was pleased to see her, and went happily into her house. We have no concerns in recommending her and are booking further stays.


Sandy & Pete

Bracken and Holly have just spent an amazing couple of weeks with Holley - such an amazing young lady, highly recommend!


Jane Smith

Holley was fantastic when we asked her for help with our 6 year old Cockapoo who had taken over our sofa and was being very aggressive. It was making our lives miserable and we had not been able to deal with the issue on our own. With Holley's advice and support and in quite a short period of time we have our sofa back and a much happier dog..... and owners! I would definitely recommend Ruff - Dog Training and Welfare.


Adrian Sapsford

Bow & Ditto had a fabulous time staying with Holley. At last I can go way knowing they're in a safe, secure and loving environment. It was great to receive regular updates and photos of them on their walks and playing with all the toys. Holley obviously loves looking after dogs and I would certainly recommend Ruff - Training & Welfare.


Jillian Webster

We were a little anxious at sending Barney on ‘holiday’ whilst still a puppy but Holley sent us pictures and updates which was great. Also gave Barney all the cuddles that we couldn’t and I’m sure he’d be happy to have a holiday there anytime as we would be to send him.


Laura & John

Holley is a lovely, caring walker. Her love for animals is clear from the way she treats Bella. She is flexible with date changes and is clear with communicating. Thoroughly recommend her!


Sue & George

Having resigned myself to never going away again as I was not happy to leave my Irish wolfhound puppy Leo with anyone else, Holley was highly recommended to me. Having met Holley both myself and Leo were confident that she was attentive and knowledgeable enough to cope with all his needs! Holley sent me daily updates and amazing photographs of Leo having fun. In the end my only worry was that he wouldn’t want to come home. Leo had a great holiday with Holley and James and I would not hesitate to recommend Holley to anyone looking for top class care of their dog!!


Angus & Fran

We are so pleased that we found Holley. She has done dog and house sitting for us twice now and we feel very relaxed about leaving our home in her capable hands and our precious Springer cross, Teddy. He is not the easiest of dogs and Holley knows exactly how to handle him. He couldn't go into kennels so Holley is an absolute godsend. We highly recommend her.


Petrina Brittle

I left my dog with Holley while I went for a short holiday. Holley kept me updated how my dog was getting on which reassured me so I didn't worry while I was away. My dog came back happy and I would recommend Holley to look after your pet.


Andrea Howard

Holley looked after my two huskies, Blaze & Casper and it was the first time that they had been away from me so I admit I was a little apprehensive! However, I needn’t have worried at all as they had a great time! Holley kept me up to date with their antics during their stay and her constant attention to them really made their environment a ‘home from home’. Holley really knows what she is doing and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.


Linda Lewin

My GSD Poppy took to Holley straight away. Holley came to the house to exercise and check on Poppy while I was out on a couple of long day trips. She sent me photos of them obviously having a lovely time! When I came home Poppy was happy and relaxed and probably disappointed it was me and not Holley! Glad we have found Ruff!



Our two Golden Retrievers, Barley & Lola love Holley. Barley is a nervous dog and Holley knew exactly how to behave around her, this means Barley is now really excited to see Holley and loves to go out for walks with her. We would recommend Holley on her knowledge of behavioural issues and her professional, caring attitude towards the dogs. We would definitely recommend her services to anyone who wants someone they can really trust to look after their dogs.


Nina Mowbray

We left our pup with Holley for a long weekend away and from the updates she sent us, it was obvious that not only was he in safe hands but he was having as good a time as we were! It meant that we genuinely relaxed knowing he was safe and happy, which to us is invaluable!


Mark & Jackie

I would just like to say how brilliant Holley was with our Shar Pei - Agent Gibbs. Recently he had ear surgery and is now mostly deaf. Holley put us at ease while we were away with updates and pictures everyday and even taught him some tricks. As everyone knows who has a fur baby we are very particular about who we leave our dogs with and Holley is that person - anyone worried about who they should leave their dog with then give Holley a ring as you wont be disappointed. I can not thank Holley enough, it made our holiday enjoyable knowing our boy was getting the best possible care .


Lisa & Jeff

We’d met Holley through dog training classes and it was clear she’s just mad about dogs which helped us leave Mr Bertie in her very capable hands for the first time he’d ever been away from home!! Holley sent photos of how much fun he was having on lots of different walks which helped with the anxiety (ours not his!) It was clear he’d had such a good week with Holley as he was a bit grumpy about leaving her fantastic country home that offered lots of new walks for him. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Holley, she is so knowledgeable and clearly adores her work.


Sharon & Phil

Holley kindly house sat for us, looking after Stella, our Rottie and Mishka, our Daughter's Cavashon, as well as our two tortoises, Jack & Jill. We cannot praise Holley highly enough for her professional, efficient and dedicated manner as well as her kind and caring attitude. We would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone. We would be happy to provide a verbal reference if required.


Robin & Russell

I can't recommend highly enough, our 2 dogs are so excited from the moment they see Holley and are always rather sad to come home again. What better recommendation can you get but from the real 'clients'. I don't trust my dogs with anyone else.