About Me

Ruff Dog Training & Welfare was born in January 2018 and is run by Holley, a passionate dog trainer located in the NR29 area of beautiful Norfolk. Holley’s desire for providing care for animals began in 2014; she has over 15 years experience and this will only
continue to grow. With working backgrounds consisting of RSPCA, Dogs Trust and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Holley has had a variety of experience with canines from all walks of life. This
includes her ability to coach and mentor people into understand
their dog for the better.


At Ruff – Dog Training & Welfare the wealth and happiness of
your dog is as important to me as it is to you.

Holley The Dog Trainer From Ruff Dog Training & Welfare

The Ruff Way

The Ruff dog training way is the way of the dog. It’s training that’s in tune with the way a dog learns and at their pace. Holley will work on breaking behaviour down to help break through the human-dog communication barrier. Holley will help your dog to understand what behaviour is to be expected and your dog will know what will be the most rewarding. It’s the smart route to a sociable, well mannered dog that is a pleasure to be around.

Holley’s methods are drawn from years of studying dog behaviour and she will help to motivate, reinforce and reward you and your dog. There will be no need for harshness or dominance and you can still get the results you need. Holley only uses positive reinforcement and reward based modern dog and puppy training techniques that do not require force or intimidation.


Holley’s diplomas include Animal Behaviour and Canine Behaviour. Holley is a student within the Victoria Stilwell Academy, working towards a qualification listed under the UK Dog Training Charter. Workshops, courses and presentations are regularly attended to ensure continued professional development. These include:

  • Pet I.D Microchip Course - 2013

  • Dog First Aid - 2013

  • Responsible Pet Ownership - 2015

  • Welfare & Nutrition - 2017

  • Canine Massage - 2017

  • Clicker Training - 2017

  • Canine Welfare Grooming - 2016

  • Dog Law - 2016 & 2018

  • Canine Body Language - 2018

  • Dog Behaviour Conference - 2018

  • T-Touch (A.C.E) 2018 & 2019

  • Funk Up Your Classes (IMDT) - 2019

  • Reactive Rascals - 2020

  • Interactive Play Skills (Craig Ogilive) - 2020

  • Consultation & Follow Up Report (IMDT) - 2020

  • Scentwork Instructor Training (Detector Dogs) - 2020

  • Placeboard Training (DOG A.I.D) - 2021

  • Delivering Pet Education Talks in Schools (Blue Cross) - 2021

  • Dog Trainer Student within Victoria Stilwell Academy - 2022

Volunteer Trainer for Dog A.I.D 

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A Word From Holley

I am very lucky being able to work doing something I love and pride myself on communicating efficiently with clients and helping families live in harmony with their four leggers. Aside from learning about and loving dogs I can usually be found at home enjoying the garden and spending time with family and friends. This includes my sassy 16 year old Japanese Shiba Inu, Bentley; whom I have to thank. It is thanks to him I pursued a desire to educate myself about dog behaviour and to this day I haven’t looked back. 

British Sign Language - Level 2

I have obtained a Level 2 in British Sign Language and can use these skills to accommodate individual's specific needs. I have experience with client's dogs within the deaf community.

Sign Language BSL Finger Spelling Ruff
Placeboard Certificate Training.png
Dog Behaviour Conference Certificate 2018
Dog Training Canine Body Language Badge
Dog Trainer Approved Instructor Badge
IMDT Dog Training Classes 2019
Reactive Dogs Dog Training Badge
Dog Trainer ACE Sarah Fisher 2018
Scent Work Certificate 2020
Dog Law Certificate
Dog Training Business Conference Certificate