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Adults & Oldies

Adult and old dogs need just as much enrichment as young dogs, they also may need special care, or experience changes to their body and behaviour. Ruff can help with a variety of training services.

For more information on training methods used by Ruff, please follow this link: What Is Positive Training?


Make sure your dog is happy, comfortable and stimulated so that you can enjoy the perfect companion.

1 to 1 Training - Find Out More

1 to 1 Training

Struggling with a particular problem with your dog? Ruff can help. Learn skills and techniques to build better behaviours or learn what your dog is trying to communicate to you.

Training Classes - Find Out More

Training Classes

Cost-effective dog training to gain your dog's focus in a distracting and stimulating environment. Classes focussing on training and behaviour needs, as well as group activities such as scent-work and agility.

Help your old dog into their twilight years in the most comfortable yet enriched way. Learn techniques or methods to help with joint pain as well as training games for mental stimulation.



Give your dog an opportunity to reset, gain confidence in a new environment and have a pleasurable experience by using a variety of canine enrichment and a hands off approach.

Residential Train & Board - Find Out More

Train & Board

Short on time, struggling to train alone? Send your dog to live with a trainer and learn 24/7; inclusive of training, walks, enrichment and rest. A tailored plan to suit you and your dog and get you both off to the best start possible.

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