Puppy Life Skills

Classes are designed to teach basic obedience and life skills to help your pup adjust to life in our big world.

Training and advice is given in the form of positive reinforcement. No aversive methods or punishment is deemed acceptable. The training keeps in mind to build confidence and learn about your dog's behaviour therefore each group is flexible and tailored to you and your puppy's individual learning needs.

What to expect at a Puppy Life Skills class:

A fun and friendly atmosphere! Puppy Life Skills classes are not your traditional type of training class. At class we focus on how your puppy is feeling and understand that every puppy and human progresses at a different rate.  Although basic obedience is important, there is less emphasis on things like teaching 'Sit' as a main focus point; instead puppies are encouraged to learn things like 'How To Settle' alongside useful impulse control exercises i.e. not to leap out of the car without their lead on. The class encourages you to bring your unanswered puppy questions each week in the hope to help you transfer your newly learnt training skills at home! Each puppy will be given a certificate on the final training week alongside their own 'Ruff' name tag to wear to show you've graduated class! 


At a Glance...

• Small, intimate classes
• Positive methods only
• Learn basic obedience
• Manage puppy problems
• Safe socialisation
• Relationship building
• Support and advice

6 Weeks Of Support
£85 per puppy

Techniques and advice are given on the following throughout the duration of the course:

  • Basic obedience: sit, down, stand, wait/stay, leave/drop etc.

  • Perfect dog walks: lead work, recall, watch me, loose lead walks.

  • Sensory areas for building your puppies confidence.

  • Toilet training advice.

  • Meeting & greeting (other dogs and people).

  • Handling and grooming, preparing for the vets & groomers.

  • Nipping and biting advice.

  • Understanding your dog's body language.

  • Socialising skills with the other dogs/adults/children in your group.

  • How to greet without jumping.

  • Playing & bonding training tips.

  • Advice & support throughout the course (via WhatsApp or E-Mail)

If you are unsure about starting before your puppy has received all of their vaccinations, I recommend taking a look at this article by the internationally renowned organisation AVSAB (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior). The article explains why starting as young as possible is so important, and addresses the issue of socialisation versus disease prevention. 

Click here to read the article.

I'm interested in puppy class! Tell me more...

Classes are held indoors in the Winterton Church Room, (opposite the Village Hall) currently on Thursday evenings at 6pm [1 hour class]

You'll receive a certificate at the end to say you and your puppy have completed the course alongside a Ruff - Dog Training & Welfare collar tag to show off to all your other dog friends!

6 Weeks in Total

£85 per puppy


Enquire for class availability.

50% deposit required to secure your pup's place.

Class Dates:

Thursday February 17th 2022 [FULLY BOOKED]

Thursday 31st March 2022 [FULLY BOOKED]

Thursday 12th May 2022 [FULLY BOOKED]

Thursday 30th June 2022 [SPACES AVAILABLE]


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