1 to 1 Training

Suitable for dogs aged 6 months and above. 

One to one appointments in your home or outdoors area with a highly experienced dog trainer. Training will start with an initial consultation to discuss and observe you and your dog's current situation and needs. Using a mixture of private training sessions, a contactable trainer via phone and/or group classes, we'll find a path that fits. Whilst one to one training is in progress, ongoing advice and support will be given to ensure you reach your goal.

At Ruff - Dog Training, you will have a dog trainer who is understanding and supportive alongside having experience with families with children and experience with families that may have learning difficulties or assistance dog requirements. 

Does my dog need training? Does my dog have a behaviour problem?

Training problems require the dog to learn a skill – such as waiting at the door or not jumping on guests. Behavioural issues are more complex, and are caused by an emotional state – such as a fearful dog barking at other dogs to keep them away. 1-2-1 training is necessary for problems that may have an emotional component, as by their nature they require a tailored, individual approach however should you be experiencing complex behaviour problems such as severe separation anxiety or aggression you will be more suited to speak to a qualified canine behaviourist (whom I can recommend.)

At a Glance...

• Private appointments
• Positive methods only
• Skills for an easier home
• Manage issues walking
• Training ideas provided

• Experienced Dog Trainer
• Support and advice

2 Hour Consultation

(Usually booking 3 weeks in advance)

Initial Consultation
The first step in your Ruff training journey!



+ mileage depending on location.

2 hour appointment.

Designed to get to know you and your dog and discuss any problems you are encountering by going through a series of detailed questions. The consultation will help to determine the best course of action for you and your dog and following on from the appointment a write-up with a series of suggestions and resources will be given to help you begin your dog training journey.

Please note: Some severe dog problems (i.e. dog to human aggression, dog to dog aggression, severe resource guarding, separation anxiety) are not dealt with by Ruff. Depending on your behaviour issue you may be asked to contact a local dog behaviourist who is highly recommended.

Training & Behaviour Topics Covered:

  • Basic obedience such as: Sit, Down, Wait/Stay

  • Recall/Come when called

  • Watch me & working with distractions

  • Leave it/Drop it

  • Walking nicely on a lead

  • Ongoing house training issues

  • Problem solving; advice inside your home/outside your home

  • Door/Car manners or help with car anxiety

  • Bed/Crate training

  • Settle/relaxation work

  • Fearful or some reactive tendencies 

  • Guarding behaviour

  • Introductory clicker training

  • Destructive behaviour

  • Fears around fireworks/storms

  • Fears around grooming equipment/veterinary procedures

  • Issues around other household pets

  • Confidence building 

  • Meeting other dogs and people

Follow on appointments will be charged at £55 and are no longer than 1.5 hours.

Training sessions can either be at your home, outside, or in an enclosed outdoor area if necessary depending on the training itself.

Providing you have a minimum of one follow up session(s) in the diary you are also able to contact for advice during the days/weeks leading up to your appointment.  

Ruff uses positive reinforcement and fun, effective choice training methods to train. Absolutely no punishment or adverse methods are allowed. Dogs learn more efficiently and effectively through choice training and games therefore your dog will be encouraged to make better choices and be rewarded for them. After all, our dogs are a part of our family!

Ongoing resources and support will be provided for those booking follow up sessions.

Please get in touch for current availability.