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Puppy Package

Buying a new puppy can be the most exciting (and anxious) time for many owners. Most families want to welcome a happy and sociable pet into their new family but are often unsure how to get from the new baby puppy to the well balanced, adult dog.

The Puppy Package includes 3 visits and useful resources for when the dog trainer can't be with you.


Suitable for owners who haven't yet brought their puppy home or owners who already have their puppy and want to benefit from completely tailored, supportive sessions. 24 hour text/e-mail/phone support available providing all 3 visits are in the diary.

Price £145 (per puppy) for 3 home visits

*All visits must be used up before pup is 6 months old*

(Enquire for availability)


1. Introduction Visit

A visit to your home to meet you in order to help you puppy proof and setup your environment. I'll also introduce you to some positive training techniques so that you achieve the very best start. We will go through your goals and what you'd like to know or teach your puppy.

(If you already have your puppy this is absolutely fine!)

image0 (6).jpeg

2. Training Begins

Once your puppy has settled in, it's time to really get the training and socialisation going. We'll ease your puppy into some reward based training games to build confidence and then start the foundations for learning.

3. Follow Up Visit

Now that you've learnt a lot of the skills, developed the techniques, and have a confident and obedient new friend, we'll have a third and final visit to fine tune your new skills. If confidence is required out in the big wide world we can even do our final visit outside the home environment.


Don't worry though, this is not the end!

You'll still get ongoing support through the client hub and via your preferred means of communication alongside the opportunity to join Ruff's Puppy classes and other groups. 


Other packages are available and visits are tailored to each individual dog.

Enquire for more details and availability.

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