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The Ruff Story

I’m sitting in my house at Hearing Dogs for Deaf People (I used to live on-site when I worked there) and contemplating a life back home in Norfolk where I can be closer to my loved ones. I have recently handed my notice in as I have decided to take a hopeful leap and move back to Norfolk and set up my own dog training business. All sorts of thoughts are racing through my mind as they usually do.

“Will I be able to do this?”

“How will I work without being part of something big?”

“Will people take me seriously?” and the big question…

“What will I call my new adventure?!”

Sipping coffee from a mug, I sit back and ponder. I notice that inside the rim of my cup reads “Having a ruff day” with a picture of a fed up Labrador puppy on the outside. Ruff day? You can say that again. I feel so overwhelmed! (Mind you, that doesn’t take much.) I say it out loud a few times to make sense of it. “Ruff, Ruff…ha, kinda sounds like a dog barking.”

And there we have it. The name Ruff Dog Training is born.

In the past, the Ruff Dog logo used to also have the words “Training & Welfare” alongside, back when I used to offer boarding/dog stays. Sometimes you will still see Training & Welfare words written about.

As for my logo, I like to over-complicate things at times so I decided to keep my logo simple. The word “RUFF” alongside my icon, Bentley. The dog who helped this business reach the potential you see today. You can read more about Bentley soon, he's having his own story written!

Orange is a bit of a bold colour hey? That’s entirely the point. I want to be bright, bold and stand out. I want you to see orange and think “Hey, I remember that dog trainer called Holley!” I want your first impression to be one of “I wanna take my dog there!” 

Ruff Dog Training prides itself on having 5* reviews - you can read them by clicking HERE.

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