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Residential Dog Training

What does this entail? 

Your dog lives in the trainer's home to create a happier, stress free and more realistic training experience. No kennels.

Perhaps you struggle to attend classes and you'd like a dog trainer to help take the stress out of puppy training for you? 

Training for your dog: Your dog receives training and attention everyday. This means that your dog can learn the training at a rate that suits the individual.

Your dog has household privileges - Your dog will live in a real home and be treated like one of my own, a luxury one to one experience with no other dogs living indoors.


Daily training - Your dog will receive several intensive training sessions throughout each day. Depending on what is required, this would typically include training around the house, in the garden and out on a walk.


Daily walks - Your dog will go out for a walk everyday for exercise and training opportunities.  This may include meeting other dogs, people and training sessions with more distractions. More than one walk is usual.

Play time - If your dog likes to play, there can be plenty of play opportunities to ensure a great training bond.


Relax time - Your dog will get plenty of opportunities to relax in-between training sessions, allowing time for your dog to absorb the training. T-Touch skills learnt at a workshop can be used on certain individuals.


Owner training - You (and your family) will receive 1-2-1 training at the end of your dog's stay. I will demonstrate everything that your dog has learnt, then we can discuss and go over any questions you may have relating to getting the same results when you get home.  1 follow up lesson is provided free of charge should you need extra help.​


At the end - I cannot guarantee that your dog will make improvements, nor can I guarantee that your dog won’t revert back to old behaviours and habits once home. ​ The training put in place is designed to be foundations only, and will not return a fully trained dog to you. You must be willing and able to commit to carrying on with the training that is put in place here. Some dogs retain the training quickly, whilst others need many months, sometimes a lifetime of ongoing training and reinforcement.

Home boarding training stays are beneficial for people who may lack time to train and perhaps want to give their dog a good learning opportunity. Your dog will not be returned to you fully trained, or as a robot dog.  I cannot guarantee how far along in the training process your dog will be, or how much training you will need to continue putting in place afterwards but I endevour to give your dog a stress-free, fun, enriched training environment in which he or she can progress in their life skills.


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