Residential Puppy & Dog Training

Your puppy or dog lives in the home with the dog trainer for 24/7 expert training.

Residential training is perfect for owners who want to ensure they are getting the training right, and want the benefit of expert guidance from start to end. 

Most dog owners simply don't have the time, skills, knowledge or resources needed to build reliability around other dogs and people in different environments. This intensive training programme allows your puppy or dog to get the very best education without slipping up or forming bad habits. You and your dog will reap the rewards of having excellent fundamental training in place.

All the skills, tips and techniques will then be passed on to you for you to take them back to your own home to continue the learning. On going support will be offered to help you stay on track.

Puppies don't grow out of their unwanted behaviours, they only grow into them! At least half of our intensive stays are puppy clients! 

The BEST age to start a puppy stay is between 12 weeks and 6 months of age.
Don't wait for your puppy to develop problem behaviour, teach your puppy now so he can grow with his training! Get in touch for more information.

Price on application.

RUFF - Dog Training & Welfare

Operating out of the Martham, Somerton and Winterton area and some of the surrounding boroughs of Great Yarmouth.




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