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1-2-1 Training

1-2-1 training is often helpful for people who are unable to attend class training or who benefit from that one to one learning experience. Perhaps your dog would not cope in a class environment.1-2-1 training is designed to have you and your dog in mind. All 1-2-1 training must begin with a consultation. The consultation can be done in person (mileage charges may occur) or over the phone.

Initial Consultation (£30 + mileage depending on location)

This is the first step in your 1-2-1 training journey. The consultation is approximately 1 hour in length and is designed to get to know you and your dog and discuss any problems you are encountering by going through a series of detailed questions. The consultation will help to determine the best course of action for you and your dog and following on from the appointment a series of suggestions will be given.

**Please note that some severe dog problems (i.e. dog to human aggression, dog to dog aggression, severe resource guarding, separation anxiety) are not dealt with by Ruff. Depending on your behaviour issue you may be asked to contact a local dog behaviourist who is highly recommended. 

Training Topics Covered 

*Basic obedience such as: Sit, Down, Wait/Stay

*Recall/come when called

*Watch me & working with distractions

*Leave it

*Walking nicely on a lead

*Problem solving/advice inside your home/outside your home

*Door/Car manners

*Bed/Crate training

*Settle/relaxation work

*Introductory clicker training


Training sessions can either be at home or in an enclosed outdoor or indoor area.

Ruff uses positive reinforcement and fun, effective choice training methods to train. Absolutely no punishment or adverse methods are allowed. Dogs learn more efficently and effectively through choice training and games therefore your dog will be encouraged to make better choices and be rewarded for them.

Prices start at £40 per hour and there are a variety of training packages I may be able to suggest that would suit you - please contact for more information and tailored training to suit your dog!