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Training 101 Classes

Training 101 classes are for dogs who are over 6 months of age. These classes are for dogs who have completed the 'Puppy Life Skills' course and for dogs who have had a consultation/121 with Ruff. Dogs who have not attended either of these services will be asked some questions upon enquiry .

What to expect at a Training 101 class...

Classes are kept to around 6 dogs and focus on using training tips and games to teach you and your dog helpful topics. For example: Do you have a dog that always jumps up to greet people and you would like help to manage this? In the Training 101 class you would be able to suggest this idea and work on realistic training solutions to help stop this undesirable behaviour.

Training topics vary each week but some training includes:

  • Working on recall in a safe environment.

  • Develop better loose lead walking.

  • Encourage your dog to look at you to focus in certain situations.

  • Meeting & greeting (other dogs and people).

  • Obedience cues around distractions.

  • Focussing on keeping a calm environment.

  • Understanding your dog's body language.

  • Socialising skills with the other dogs/adults/children in your class.

  • Games to encourage dogs to focus on their owner.

  • Off-lead training in a safe environment.

  • Greeting other dogs sensibly.

  • Working on training durations.

  • Some send-away/scent training/clicker training introductions.

  • Advice & support throughout the classes.

Things you need to know

  • Dogs attending must be using a flat collar only (no choke chains, half checks, prong collars or anything that causes pain). Please ask if unsure.

  • Dogs attending must be using a flat lead only (no extendable leads or slip leads). Please ask if unsure.

  • Very vocal dogs will be given different exercises to do in class and if vocals persist each week then a 1-2-1 training session maybe suggested prior to re-joining the group classes.

  • This class is not suitable for dogs who are negatively reactive towards other dogs. If you'd like to discuss your dog's behaviour please mention this at the time of enquiring.


I'm interested! Tell me more...

Classes are held indoors in the Church Room, Winterton-on-Sea on Monday evenings. The classes are £7 to have a trial go and then £35 for a block of 6 classes which are to be used consecutively. 

Please enquire for class availability and general information. 

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